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We cannot become what we want,

by remaining what
we are.

Hi! I'm Courtney,

I am an online intuitive health & life coach! I help burnt out women make themselves a priority after years of being put at the bottom of the list, if even on the list at all. When you put yourself first and start taking care of your needs, you reconnect with your body and start showing up as your highest self in all areas of your life. When you start showing up as your most radiant, confident, and happy self, things really start to fall into place. Trust me.

I started this coaching journey of mine as a personal trainer in a box gym. Since then, I have grown and evolved my business into what it is today after years of experience, certifications, & investing in my own personal development. Now, I get to help women not only transform their bodies, but their mind and LIFE.  


Life Coaching Certified​

BSc. Kinesiology, Minor in Nutrition

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Pre+Post Natal Fitness + Nutrition

Personal Trainer and Coach Since 2013

Transformed 100+ lives

I believe we are meant to move & nourish our bodies in a way that feels good for us, to enhance our lives, not to consume it.

I gave up the all or nothing mindset with food and fitness,

I learned to listen to my body,

tap into my feminine energy,

and work with my cycle instead of against it.

Because of this, my body, mind, and life have changed forever.

Now, I get to help YOU do the same.

I can't wait to get started,

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