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Sure, your biz is making money right now. (or maybe it’s not.) You are probably happy right now, too!

But, what If i told you that there was so much more that you were missing out on?

What if I told you that you can work less, get more shit done, have more energy, make MORE money, and be HAPPIER?

As career driven women, it's very easy for us to get stuck in a masculine energy. Always on the go, trying to reach the top, working long hours to prove something, taking care of everyone but ourselves, and feeling burnt out, resentful, unfulfilled, and noticing our body and mind working against us, because of it.

As women, we were not made to work in a corporate lifestyle.


We are NOT made to work like men.


Our bodies and hormones are not scientifically built to work the way men do, on a 24 hour clock.

So, when we are trying to run things like men, we detach from our feminine energy, our bodies, and miss out on the magical potential inside of us.


is how you show up in every area of your life, even in your business. You start showing up as your most RADIANT self, in ALL aspects of your life when you take care of you first.

When you are truly connected to yourself, your goals, and your passions, you begin to take ALIGNED action towards them, things start to come with ease.

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And if you have a team, let’s not forget about them!


What if your team, the people who are working to make your company what it is, were feeling this way, too? Imagine your team LOVING coming to work every day, showing up as their best self. Bringing their A GAME productivity, creativity, and work ethic.


Work is fun, things feel easier, and revenue is increasing. Not only that, but you and your team have a better QUALITY of life!

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(IF you have employees, imagine if THEY were all doing this, too!)
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According to a survey conducted by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), those who hire a coach can experience a wide range of positive effects in their lives.

80% of respondents said self-confidence improved,


73% said relationships improved, 

72% had better communication skills,

and 67% said they balanced work and life better. 


77% of respondents at a Fortune 500 company indicated that coaching had a significant impact on at least one of nine business measures. In addition, they uncovered that overall productivity and employee satisfaction were the most positively impacted areas (which in turn has an impact on customer satisfaction, employee engagement, quality, annualized financial results, and more).


Manchester, Inc. surveyed 100 executives, most of which were from Fortune 1000 companies. Their research showed that a company’s investment in Executive Coaching realized an average ROI of almost six times the cost of the coaching.


coaching for you (and your employees) might be an expense to your business up front, but the return on your investment not only in your revenue, but in your own happiness is going to be a game changer. 
(plus, we love another write off!)
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Is for you if:

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