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“I just finished a 12 week nutrition and workout plan with Courtney. 

I would say I have tried just about every "diet" out there. I would do really good for a few days then find myself hungry, unsatisfied, and unmotivated. Courtney's program isn't a diet. It's a way to healthy living and loving yourself and your body. Throughout my 12 weeks with Courtney I followed the meal plan she created for me then started venturing out on my own with the macros she had calculated. Maybe it was knowing I could have those treats in moderation, fitting them into my macros or knowing that Courtney wanted the best for me but I never felt like binging or giving up. 

Courtney reminded me of my goals and encouraged me to reach them. She was always there if I needed a pep talk or recipe advice. She taught me it isn't about the number on the scale or depriving yourself. It's about living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your body. 

Courtney created a realistic workout schedule for me that didn't require being at the gym everyday. She made sure it would be something I could follow and wasn't over whelming. 

I recommend Courtney to anyone - regardless of your starting point and end goals. She is truly motivating and inspiring. I am so grateful for all she has taught me and for helping me reach my goals. With Courtney I lost ten pounds and gained confidence I never thought possible."

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what clients are saying.
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"I have learned so much and grown as a person after working with Courtney. She is more than just a fitness coach: Her passion for women and our ability to succeed is second to none. She is inspiring and 'gets it'. Always. During the most challenging year in my life, she continued to work hard at motivating, inspiring and guiding me. She could sense my frustrations and work with me to become better at being kind to myself and taught me how to nourish my body and soul. Already miss our talks! Thank you Courtney!"

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"Working with Courtney was an amazing experience!


She taught me SO much in our short 6 months working together. She guided me, she encouraged me, and she listened to me. The plan she did up catered to me and my wants/needs. She taught me so much about myself. She helped me see things in myself that I never thought were there.

She is SUCH a positive light - I always craved our check ins. Can’t stress this enough.. HIGHLY RECOMMEND COURTNEY!!!!!!!!"

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"I worked with Courtney for 12 weeks and it was the best decision I've made for my health and fitness. Courtney is super knowledgeable and so kind, she was there to help me through any ups and downs during my program and left me with the tools to feel confident continuing my fitness journey on my own. Her workouts and nutrition plans are amazing, and are completely tailored to your lifestyle. If you want to transform your body and mind through exercise and nutrition I would 100% recommend Courtney!"

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"I have completed two 12 week online programs with Courtney and her 6 week January program. I tried and failed multiple times before to lose weight on my own and decided to look for a trainer. Courtney stuck out to me because of how real she is. I read her blogs and felt like they were all written to me.

I met with Courtney and began working with her in 2017. Since then I have lost 35+ pounds and have completely changed my lifestyle. Courtney taught me the importance of food and how it can impact my body. The workouts that she gave me were suitable for me and pushed me to become stronger. She gives you everything that is outlined on her website, from workout plans, to nutrition plans, and access to her app, but she does so much beyond this.

Courtney is such a positive person and will cheer you on every day. She encourages you to get back up when you have a bad day or let your meals slip and cheat too much. It is easy to tell that she cares so much for each clients, she wants them to succeed and for them to be happy. She was accessible when I had questions and is very knowledgable so she always had an answer. Since working with Courtney she has completely transformed how I think. I no longer obsess about what the scale says, and instead I only care about I feel after a workout or eating. I wasn't happy before I met Courtney and she has helped be comfortable in my own skin again. My experience has been so rewarding and I can't imagine where I'd be without her!"


"Working with Courtney as a my coach over a three month period was a fantastic experience. I came to her with the goals of improving my eating habits and working on a balanced lifestyle. Each week Courtney supported me and genuinely cared about my health and well-being. She was able to support me in relearning how to have balance in my workout and eating patterns and she helped me to rid of my perfectionist mindset by creating consistent lifestyle choices. I used to have anxiety around food, but Courtney helped to teach me what true balance and moderation looks like. Every week she supported me through making changes and adjustments to my program as necessary and was there for mental support. Even when I had failures, she would discuss what happened and help me to identify what and why it happened and how to learn and grow from it. I cannot thank Courtney enough for helping get rid of the "all or nothing" mindset and rediscovering how to have a healthy and positive relationship with food, exercise, and my body. If you want a coach who listens, challenges, and supports you then Courtney is the coach for you. She will hold you accountable and work with you on making health and fitness a lifestyle journey. 10/10 would recommend :)" 

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"It has been 25 years since I owned a gym membership, so you could say this “fitness” thing and going to the gym again was all new to me. I never had a personal trainer before and when I mentioned to my daughter I would like to lose some weight, she mentioned I should hire a personal trainer to help me familiarize myself with the gym and working out again.

I started with Courtney in April 2018. Courtney is a great motivator and certainly challenges me to always strive to and push my personal boundaries (I can still hear her saying just two more). She is extremely knowledgeable and she ensures I am doing the moves correctly and reinforces how it will benefit me. Working with Courtney was one of the best investments for my health and self confidence that I could’ve ever made. The results have been significant as I am certainly more fit and have more energy than before. Even my friends and family have noticed the difference! I certainly would recommend Courtney to anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve their overall health. Thanks Courtney" 

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"Courtney is an amazing coach! Her knowledge knows no bounds, she is continually learning more and passing on her newly gained knowledge! She is 100% behind you in your wellness journey, no matter what stage you are in. Hiring Courtney was one of the absolute best decision I have ever made!"

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"I've worked with Courtney in solo training and in a group setting and both have been genuinely LIFE CHANGING. Her holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle did wonders for my body and my self esteem, and she gave me the tools I need to carry my success forward through my life.

Workouts were always tailored to suit my needs and abilities, and my diet was actually reasonable and sustainable - she even included red wine in my meal plan! I also liked that we could connect by phone, IM, or via her trainerize app - she was always available to offer support. She even continues to reach out to me even though I'm not currently in one of her programs!

She is a phenomenal coach, mentor, and friend. If you're in the market for a transformation, I could not recommend her enough!" 

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