1:1 Life Coaching 

An intimate 6 month transformative coaching program for the woman ready to unlock her limitless potential, and create a life she is obsessed with.

See If You're A Fit

You know those women you can just FEEL?

You FEEL their energy, presence, and magnetism pulling you in for MORE.

The are living UNAPOLOGETICALLY for themselves...

Those women who are STRONG, yet feminine. They move like a QUEEN through life, love, work, and wellness. Those women who embody the type of confidence you feel you only dream of right now? Those women who make taking care of themselves and exercising every day look easy?

Those women who show up as the LEADER of their own life, knowing what they want, and going straight for that.

And then, you say to yourself, “Wow, I want that.” Well you can, Queen. And it starts here!

With a proven method and life coaching tools, I am here to help you finally step in your Queen Era and create a life you are EXCITED to wake up to, every day.

Get ready to activate your inner power so you can achieve your wildest dreams and become magnetic to ALL of your desires, unapologetically.

I'm SO ready!

What Clients are Saying

Kayla Maurice

Well where do I even start?!? This past 6 months with court was LIFE CHANGING🎉 I'm so glad I decided to get a life coach, it was on my mind for at-least 8 months prior. DO IT, don't wait! It's so worth it. I went from not believing I could run a business to I AM CRUSHING goals in my business, I set MAJOR goals with her back in April. I honestly never thought I would be this successful so quickly. SELF LOVE and believing in yourself is the key! She is absolutely amazing. Mindset leads to success. Setting them boundaries! Thanks to her for pushing me on the hard days. I MANIFESTED my goals and here I am crushing them daily. The hustle never stops. Making my goals a priority. I started off with no clientele back in January now I'm VERY busy! Thanks for the push and believing in me that I could do it. I wouldn't be as far if it wasn't for your support ❤️❤️ I AM SO GRATEFUL that you were apart of my life journey and giving me that push I needed! You helped my business KARM YXE grow in so many ways! Can't wait to see where I am in 6 months from now. Much love, Court 😍🥰

Living For Larissa

Courtney is an INCREDIBLE life coach, to say the very
least. I have one week left of her signature group
coaching masterclass "Reclaim Radiance" and it has changed my life. SERIOUSLY. Read on. I was drawn to Courtney, her book recommendations and free offerings and guidance via Instagram for a long while. Truthfully, I didn't know exactly WHY I needed life coaching when I dove in, but what I did know was that: - I felt a lot of resistance and "stuck" - I had good habits but wasn't implementing strategies and new ideas fully - I was subconsciously self-sabotaging myself but could [not] pin point how/what/why/where in my life it stemmed from - I felt unhappiness & disgruntledness in my work, relationships, in my leisure, finances etc. I couldn't figure out why I felt this "pull" for more, when I lived an overall AWESOME life. Courtney helped me look at my life overall. Asked me better questions than I ever asked myself. Posed honest truths. Held space and accountability for me. Allowed me an outlet to be honest, express myself and hear my wants and desires out loud. Now, life coaching is a two way street. If you choose to be COACHABLE, entirely committed to YOURSELF, speak your full authentic TRUTH, implement ACTION you will be successful.

Does this sound like you?

Does this sound like you?

  • You find yourself CONSTANTLY yearning for more in your life. Asking the question, "Is this all there is?". Wondering if this is all you are meant for.
  • You’re listening to all the inspiring podcasts, reading every self help book, but you're wondering WHY nothing seems to be working?!?
  • You have big dreams, but you struggle to make them actually happen. Maybe you even struggle to say those dreams out loud...
  • Your lack of confidence and belief in yourself continues to hold you back from doing what you really want in your life. I know you are tired of settling for less than you deserve, Queen.
  • Time management and being productive can be hard for you on most days. You find yourself starting the week with the best intentions, but never actually following through.
  • You're sick of talking about losing weight, starting the business, making more money, finding your dream partner, or maybe writing that damn book, but NOT ever making it happen.
  • You're craving Queen energy and confidence that radiates in ALL aspects of your life.
  • You're ready to go ALL IN on your personal transformation journey with a coach who understands you and wants you to become the Queen of your own life.

What would it feel like to

  • Unveil your life's true purpose and finally break free from the uncertainty so you can step onto your own unique path while watching your vision board become your reality.
  • Cultivate deep and nurturing relationships that envelope you with love, security and unwavering support.
  • Unleash your inner power and silence the self doubt holding you back from making more money, receiving that promotion, finally losing the weight and achieving your wildest dreams.
  • Become a time management mastermind and skyrocket your productivity so you can conquer your to do list and make room for what really matters. 
  • Break free from your back and forth health and wellness goals and finally feel invigorated, vibrant, and in control.
  • Radiate Queen confidence and energy in all aspects of your life.
  • Embark on the intimate journey alongside a dedicated coach who is wholeheartedly invested in your success and happiness.
I'm ready for this

Here is what we will dive into

Clarity & Purpose

If we don’t know where we want to go, how can we ever get there? Let’s get you crystal clear on what you want and your purpose(s) in life.


What we think about, we create for ourselves. Let’s get that in check and aligned with who you want to become, and everything you want to create.

Energetics & Embodiment

Are you energetically available for everything you want to call in right now?

Aligned Action

Let's co create an action plan that meets you where you are, and your nervous system, so that you will be EXCITED about ‘doing the thing’ instead of resistant.

Daily Habits

It’s what we do most of the time that matters, so let’s make sure what we are doing is aligned with what we want to create for ourselves.

What Clients are Saying

How it works

6 months of 1:1 Coaching

Imagine, 6 months, you and me, intimately working together through my proven signature method method and tools to help you access new levels of clairty, clear the blocks holding you back, and take you to new heights in every part of your life.

If you take the leap on yourself, where could you be just 6 months from now?

12 Private Coaching Calls ($3500 VALUE)

2, 45 minute video coaching calls every month. 

Something isn't working for you anymore, or you wouldn't be on this page. This is where we figure out WHY that's not working, and step into what IS going to work for you.  It's time to tap into your Queen self. And it starts HERE.

Trust me when I say you will leave every call feeling LIT up and knowing exactly what you are focusing on moving forward.

Voxer Talk & Text Support ($3000 VALUE)

The deep work happens on the coaching calls and then in between you get to have me in your back pocket for talk and text support for integration and accountability.

Let’s keep that momentum going, shall we?

Life happens and I will be there for you through every step of the way when it does. Think, having a coaching in your back pocket to talk to every DAY

The Queen's Club Membership - $500 BONUS

FREE for 6 months, while you are working with me 1:1, for additional support, resources, and community.

In the Queen's Club, you'll find your tribe - a powerful sisterhood of like-minded women, striving for greatness, unapologetically. Together, we'll cut through the noise and embrace your true self, as you craft a life that aligns with your innermost desires.

TOTAL VALUE of private coaching is $7K!

(Don't worry, you're not paying that!)


Payment plans starting at



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right now, you might be thinking...

"I am scared out of my mind to invest in myself like this. What if I fail? What if it doesn't work?" 

I get it. I also have felt this every time I have taken the leap and invested in my next level self. Instead of focusing on how much I am spending, I ask myself what it's costing me to stay exactly where I am.

"I don't have time to do 2 calls every month!"


If you're not willing to invest less than 2 hours into yourself every MONTH, what ARE you willing to do for yourself?


"ME? Have a life coach?? Who am I to have one of those?"

The question is, who the hell are you to NOT have one?

Ok, I'm Ready!