UNLEASH your QUEEN ENERGY and reclaim your power so you can create the 2024 of your dreams.


The leashed woman

  • Gives everyone else authority over and her life, time, and energy.
  • is still the nice girl, the people pleaser, constantly striving for approval from outside of herself.
  • dims her own light so no one sees her.

The unleashed woman

  • No longer remains in the cage that has kept her SMALL and restrained.
  • Doesn't hold back or shrink herself in the face of challenges.
  • Confidently knows what she wants and unapologetically goes for it.
  • Claims AUTHORITY over her own life, time, and energy.

You will leave this 60 minute class:

  • Knowing exactly what the unleashed QUEEN version of YOU looks like.
  • Ready to take the lock off the cage keeping you small.
  • Empowering yourself instead of seeking it elsewhere.

Are you ready?

to break free from the cage keeping you small and restrained,

to RECLAIM your power,

and begin taking up space in your life?

Your life changes when you decide it does.

Is this the moment where you decide?


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 Tuesday November 21 at 6PM CST.


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