The life coaching membership where you will:


  • Create goals and a vision that is ALIGNED with you that will have you JUMPING out of bed each morning excited to go after them.
  • CONNECT with yourself AND the power house women inside the exclusive community where you finally feel UNDERSTOOD and SUPPORTED.
  • Start living your "PINCH ME! I must be dreaming!" life. You are finally THRIVING in life, love, career, business, and that healthy lifestyle you keep dreaming of.

Does this sound like you?

okay, sign me up

Does this sound like you?

  • You find yourself CONSTANTLY talking about starting that business or losing those last 10 pounds, but never ACTUALLY follow through.
  • That gnawing pit in your stomach comes back every time you put on your jeans that are STILL tight, look at your BARE AF ring finger, or your business bank account that STILL isn't growing.
  • With every step towards your goals, you find yourself taking two steps back. UGH.
  • Looking back you have been living your life based on what everyone else wanted for you.
  • You're constantly asking yourself, "WHAT am I even DOING??"
  • Feeling isolated and alone in your growth and transformation journey, craving that inner circle of powerhouse women who GET you.
I'm Ready For Change

ask yourself this question...

how much longer are you going to keep living this way?

The time is going to pass anyway, now is your time to decide what you will do with it.

 Your dreams are too precious to remain unfulfilled and your potential is boundless. It's time to step into your power and claim the life, energy, abundance, and love you have always desired.

It's time to stop watching everyone else live their life unapologetically, and allow yourself to do the same.

In the Queen's Club, you'll find your tribe - a powerful sisterhood of like-minded women, striving for greatness, unapologetically. Together, we'll cut through the noise and embrace your true self, as you craft a life that aligns with your innermost desires.

The POWER is already within you, you just have to decide.

I'll let my client's speak for themselves...


I’m Coach Court!

Listen closely, Queen, for I once stood EXACTLY where you are now. I get it.

Years ago, I found myself visualizing and journalling about the life I longed to have -  a life that I am now living.

I vividly envisioned the fulfilling work I GET to do each day, a scheduled crafted by my own desires. I saw the money in my bank account, the love that surrounds me, and the precious family I have built.

I dreamed owning my own home, a place I could proudly call my own. A symbol for me of my independence, especially as a woman,

But let me share a secret with you, friend. Once, all of this was JUST a vision, a distant dream floating around in the realm of possibilities. I often wondered if it could ACTUALLY happen for "someone like me". Just a regular girl, from a small town many people had never heard of.
Who was I to decide I was meant for more, right?

Year after year, I set goals and adorned fluffy vision boards with the same aspirations.

I trudged through a job that left me miserable, pouring my soul into a schedule where I came home feeling burnt out on the daily.  All to have nothing to show in my bank account.
"What was this all for?" I would ask myself. 

"Is this really it?"

I wanted so badly to wake up t a life that felt fulfilling, inspiring, purposeful and abundant.

A life that would have my question, "Is this REALLY my life?"

I got tired of dreaming about it, thinking about it, wishing for it, and I began to create it.

I stepped into my power and began my journey towards true transformation. Today, nearly a decade later I stand in awe of the life I get to embrace.

Slow mornings with coffee and my favourite book or journal to start the day. Wandering the world, creating memories in breathtaking places, with more adventures on the horizon.

Staying home with my son, being able to watch him grow instead of rushing home every day from my 9-5, only to feed him supper and put him to bed on repeat.
And yes, I bought my OWN house.

But my heart truly overflows every day because I have found my calling. I get to ignite a spark in women's lives, every day. I get to watch them show up for themselves, feel next level empowerment, and live a life that sets their soul on fire.

I am here to tell you today, Queen, that your dreams are within reach.  A supportive community like no other is just around the corner. Whatever you desire, you can have it, and the Queen's Club is here to cheer you on and guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready?

Imagine this:


  • You're not JUST dreaming anymore. You're waking up asking yourself, "Is this REALLY my life??"
  • You've unlocked next level confidence, and are stepping into it UNAPOLOGETICALLY. (Hello, dream business!)
  • That voice in your head telling you that you CAN'T do it? She's no problem anymore.
  • You're done reaching back to scroll Instagram and Facebook every 5 minutes to get that validation and dopamine hit. You create that for yourself now, Queen.
I Need This!

it's simple

I'm ready!

what's inside?

membership portal

INSTANT access to your membership portal so you can get to work right away!

(VALUED AT $997)


Worksheets to follow along and IMPLEMENT through the modules.

private community

EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group Community with Coach Court and the other like minded QUEENS for inside support, questions, and celebrations!

(VALUED AT $447)

live coaching

2x Monthly 60 Minute Group Q+A calls with Court!

(VALUED AT OVER $1500 for the year!)


daily journal prompt kit.



high frequency toolkit.



queen manifesto screensaver


 total value

OVER $3000 CAD

for a YEAR!

(but that's not what YOU will pay!)

I'm in!
Ready to see what we’ll dive into in this one of a kind program with Coach Court?

Here's a sneak peak!

Section 1:

A Queen is a Visionary Leader
  • Module 1: A Queen LEADS, she is not led
  • Module 2: Be a visionary
  • Module 3: Knowing where you are

Section 2:

Building Your Queen Confidence & Mentality
  • Module 4: It’s already yours
  • Module 5: Queen confidence and ownership
  • Module 6: Shifting your limiting beliefs
  • Module 7: Creating your mindset ritual

Section 3:

A Queen Takes Aligned Action
  • Module 8: Creating Your Aligned Action Plan
  • Module 9: Embodying your Queen Energy

Section 4:

Bonus Modules
  • BONUS: Become a boundary Queen module
  • BONUS: A Queen’s Health is Priority. module
  • Bonus: Daily Journal Prompt Sheet
  • Bonus: High Frequency Toolkit
  • Bonus: Queen Manifesto Screensaver
  • Bonus: MONTHLY THEMES with masterclasses and activations or challenges on specific topics!r

what decision would your QUEEN self make?

join us

What decision would your QUEEN self make?


monthly membership

  • IMMEDIATE access to your membership portal. 
  • 2x monthly Group Coaching Calls with Court.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook Community. 
  • Access to the monthly themes and masterclasses!
  • Cancel anytime with 30 days notice.



VIP 12 month membership

  • IMMEDIATE access to your membership portal

  • 2x monthly Group Coaching Calls with Court.

  • Access to the exclusive Facebook Community. 

  • Access to the monthly themes and masterclasses!

  • Discounted pricing!*
  • Option to cancel after 11 months!
  • BONUS: FREE 30 minute Breakthrough call with Court ($150 VALUE)!!!

$997 CAD/
every 12 months

(save 15% and receive a FREE call when you join for 12 months!)


here’s what’s possible for you inside of

Still on the fence?

  • If you are a busy, burnt out mama looking to find herself again...
  • If you are looking to grow your income in your business or career...
  • If you are tired of your life just feeling MEH, and are ready for more....

Then the Queen's Club Membership is for YOU.

Join us and together we will rewrite your life's narrative, and watch yourself lead life with passion, purpose, and confidence.


Q: I want to focus on one area of my life right now, is this for me?

A:Absolutely! This work can be applied in one or all areas of your life. I think we can agree that we deserve ALL eras of our life to be magical though, right? ;)

Q: What if I miss the live coaching calls?

A: No problem! Replays will be available inside the membership portal. You can watch at your convenience but also use the Facebook group to get support at ANY TIME!

Q: When are the calls?

A: Call times vary to make sure there is a variety of options for everyone who has different schedules to attend as many as possible. Call days will be either a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Q: Can I get the 6 or 12 month option on a payment plan?

A:The payment plan IS the monthly membership subscription! There is a discount for 6 and 12 month VIP to celebrate your long term commitment to your transformation!

Q: Are there refunds?

A:There are no refunds for your time spent in the membership. You can cancel your membership at anytime with 30 days notice!